Plan ahead with the best internet

Give your buyers something to cheer about

Internet is fast becoming a commodity. How will you provide it?

Forget tedious wiring in your buildings and bundles of overheating hardware: go the smart route. Life Wireless will install a satellite on your tallest building and ensure that your whole site gets world class WiFi without limitation. What you save in time and hassle and sunk costs can be put to better use. Plan ahead and get your internet requirements sorted for the launch of your next big project.


Some features of our plans

Unlimited data

Use as much data as you like on all plans, completely unshaped and unlimited

Lightning fast

Get super fast speeds anywhere within radius of the installation

Completely reliable

Come rain, hail, or shine, your connection will be unaffected by weather

True freedom

Forget cables, use super fast WiFi for your PC, tablet, smart TV, and phone